We know you’re
busy; work, family, and friends pull you a million and one different directions. 
By the time you get to focus on yourself you are out of steam and can barely
make it to bed.  

Your crucial "me time" is pushed to the bottom of your "to do" pile, and by the time you can focus on yourself you are completely out of steam.
You are not alone; we are with you on this and we are ready to make the change. 
Are you ready for the secret?  If you put yourself in the "today" pile, you not only feel better, but you become more productive as well, making everyone around you happier too.
Each week our posts will focus on healthy meals and snacks, and creative outlets to help embrace your inner calm.
Each month we will also create a new 30-day challenge to keep pushing us all toward our best possible selves.
Most importantly, we’ll be having fun doing it. You know the saying, "the more the merrier?”  Well we hope you will be taking this journey with us.
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Who we are: We are two sisters
working to strike a healthy balance in our busy lives. Through tasty recipes and creative outlets, we want to share with you our tips on feeling great. Join us on our journey!
this site’s about:
We promote a healthy lifestyle inside and out. When you take
time to care for yourself, you not only feel better physically, but you are
happier and more productive as well.

us, we get it:
We understand the stresses of an overly-busy,
wearing-to-many-hats, often-sleep-deprived human. We too are part of that club.
By taking a few minutes each day and doing what makes you feel good, however,
these life demands feel a bit less…demanding. We want to share with you our
tips and tricks on how to make the most of each situation, and live a healthy
lifestyle in the easiest, no-fuss way possible.