Easy Chicken Fajitas

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Hey everyone, I am so excited to be sharing this post over at Relish the Scoop today!

While sitting in traffic on the way to work the other morning, I was – as usual –  brainstorming what to make for dinner. I figure if I can plan ahead that much, I can swing by the store on my way home to pick up any extra ingredients I may need.

I knew I had to finish grading papers and prep for my lecture that evening, so a fast and easy recipe was required. Remembering I had some poached chicken and bell peppers sitting in the fridge, I immediately made my decision; fajita night!

I love fajitas, especially with warm corn tortillas. They are so refreshing, simple, and delicious. What’s more, when you use your own seasonings you can easily control the spice level, which is not really an option with store bought flavor packets. Plus, you can actually pronounce all of the ingredients going into you meal – a double bonus.

What I especially love about this particular recipe is how quick it is to prepare. In just 15 minutes you have a flavorful, healthy, crowd pleasing meal ready to go. (If you begin with raw chicken, it may take closer to 20-25 minutes.) With fresh vegetables, warm spices of cumin and chili powder, and a squeeze of lime juice to brighten the dish, these fajitas are a perfect meal for a busy weeknight. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite busy weeknight meal? Let me know below!

For this recipe, hop on over to Relish the Scoop!